Thursday, March 05, 2009

PLAYGROUND Magazine taps BK artist

Erico Calimlim - Penciler
Omi Remalante - Colorist
PLAYGROUND Magazine - The Boss

I have been a fan of PLAYGROUND Magazine since I saw them at the news stand. I have couple of their issues and had always been fascinated of their magazine because of their "imported look" to their magazine (akala ko nga tlga imported..hehehe). They have a very colorful and nicely layout pages and their updates on the gaming circuit are great, besides I think I can relate to them because some of the people behind this magazine is about my age (twentiyish...hehehe) and good looking guys (again just like me..hahaha!) and sometimes with hot chicks too.

I am also fascinated of how they've come up with their covers. Some done in line-art and WIP and some are done with mixed application (3D and WIP - like their issue number two, which I like the most). I thought they have an in-house-artist for that, but I was surprised just a few weeks ago that one of my BK co-member/creator was asked by them to create a cover. I was stoked! It's to good to be true! But he is serious! And the magazine is for real. We're just too happy for him just hearing that he was being considered to make the cover. We're very proud of them (him and Omi - who colored his work)when the cover was finished.

KUDOS to both of you and to PLAYGROUND for getting two of our talented creator(s) to work for them on this issue. Now I just hope to get a copy of this issue soon (went to National Bookstore at SM manila last night, but sad to say they still don't have this issue). :P

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