Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Learning 3D Maya software

I just thinking for the past few month now is "What is it for me next, after doing Graphic Design for more that a decade"? Well, I am active in comicbook and busy with my title "Myke Guisinga's CLAW". Member of a local group called "BAYAN KNIGHTS". A very active group, I might say and I am very lucky and honored to be part of this amazing group with bunch of talented and wonderful people. But again, what is really the next thing for me, regarding my career? Joining again my bandmates and try our luck in the local scene? Assemble a BMX flatland bike for me to compete internationally? Or quit my job while I am still young and travel the different cities here in our country without thinking of my future or my health. Or marry my labsidabsi here and start a family and settle in Bohol to have our own mini-cafe/library/art gallery. Kewl! Don't cha think?

Then I stumble upon the trial software called 3D Max. I try enjoyed toying with it and realized that this could be the answer to my long searched question...or not. So I search to what school or learning centers have this kind of program, this is where I stumble upon MICROCADD. They have the most advance and the biggest Autodesk Training Center (ATC) in the Philippines. And they teaches/offer the 3D Animation MAYA. And after 3 months I could say that I have learned alot from this center and very thankful to my instructor Isagani.

I am starting to construct my own design now. This is part of a robot named Voltes V (Five). This is the head part, and it is called the Volt-Crewzer. Few more spare hours and I know I can finish this. Post the final output soon.

After finishing the details on the face, I quickly gave it a coloring. I wish I could put details on how I did this. Maybe next update. Anyway, I created three(3) different angle and lighting shots. I hope you all love it.

(click image to enlarge)

till next....

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