Monday, February 02, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

There's alot of sad stories why all of a sudden there was a Wolverine Origin. Almost 32years later they suddenly came up with his identity. I am one of those fans who liked Wolverine so much because for one, of his being mysterious. His past is unknown. Who he is? Where he grew up? And, how did they put the adamantium and by whom and why did they put them there in the first place. It's a mystery that I wasn't expecting or does not want to know at this time, this decade or the next.

But somehow, with the success of X-Men Movie Series. They needed somehow to followed up it with something much bigger. And with those movie goers (not comics readers), clamoring to understand a certain hero, they'd came up with a_sudden_history/origin for Logan.

I have read the how, why, when and where he was born, grew up and all. All I could think of is...OHMIG@D! Almost same as the Dark Vigilante from another major comicbook publishing. Anyway, I do love their movie trailer and so is Hugh Jackman. And, heck! I'll watch 'em..just because.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


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agh !

you pinned me down. I was expecting this was a love story drama.

Darn you! Im jealous! I was also dreaming to have this toy.huhuuhu

anyway, lets just bolt in!