Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bayan Knights meets ELMER & the KOMIKEROS!

Every last Sunday of the month, the KOMIKERO of Sir Gerry Alanguilan meets at the Sampalok Lake, San Pablo, Laguna. I haven't really gone that much last year so, when I saw Gerry and the other guys last Komikon (which was held last November 22, at the Bahay ng Alumni, U.P. Diliman), I told them that I would join them to the next meeting. Since Robin is a big fan of Gerry, I told her that I will bring her along to the next Komikero meeting.

"BK in their 1st ever lunch together at FAT LARRY's, San Pablo, Laguna". - - - - >
Photo from Jonas Diego's blog

So the highly anticipated meeting between my loveone and her idol is getting nearer.

SUNDAY; Jan 25, 2008

Sleep over at Robin's house Saturday night. Her mom was so nice that she reminds us a lot of what to bring and even gave us blessing before heading out. I love her mom alot. So we left the house around 7am and we got to the lake at 10:30a.m., and the temperature there was so freakin' cold. Here comes the fun part. While waiting for my fellow Komikero, we saw familiar faces approaching at us.

This is the Next BoyBand of the Philippines...Give this goup a cool NAME.

And to our suprise, it's our co-Bayan Knights members. Mike (Boy Ipis) Ignacio, Rhiver (Manila Man)Quilantang, Juan Paolo (Morion) Mañanita, Aaron (Gwapoman) Felizmenio and his classmates. It was so nice to see them all there. Anyway, after a few minutes of kiddin around the 1st komikero arrived , it wasJohnny (Johnny Balbona) Danganan. My first time to meet (Like I said Jonas, this is not the 1st time) him was at the Komikon two years ago, but somehow he doesn't remember. And the next to arrive was creator of Elmer himself, Gerry Alanguilan. Boy-ohh-boy! If I only have a camera that time, I'd sure wanna take a picture of my fellow BK and my lovely partner in crimes faces. Ang saya-saya! Gerry and Johnny have to leave us for awhile. After a few minutes they we're back again. And Gerry welcomed the new Komikeros. All of them knew bout the initiation or welcoming rites of the komikero (just ask them what they did...to all those who wants to join Komikero - bring extra clothes, towel and soap just to be sure you all go home dry), and after that Gerry asked them for their portfolio. Great reviews and only Neigel shell-out a couple of peso for every minor error Gerry sees on his works. And while Gerry was busy reviewing, Jonas Diego arrived.

Left Photo: Gerry as captured by his fans and ask to write ransom money. As two members looks on. Right Photo: Gerry was forced to smile for the cam by two guys at chinese-brush point.

Left: The BK Team (Task by the San Pablo Police to rescue Gerry L to R: Claw, Ida and Boy Ipis). Right: Two Seekers. Provides brawl expertise and muscles - -just look at their arms and torsos.

**Above photos are from Rhiver Quilantang

**Video from Gerry Alanguilan


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