Friday, February 20, 2009

SM Manila Food court bus boy & security are the greatest.

Every Wednesday night after office hours, we guys at the office have our basketball game at the YMCA beside the SM Manila mall & behind the Manila City Hall. Before the game, I would go to the mall’s basement to buy a bottle of Gatorade’s Propel and then go to Wendy’s restaurant to have my value meal macaroni salad. I usually do that and never bothered to change the routine since I love the salad so much. But I don’t know why, last Wednesday, I felt like going to the SM Food court to get a heavy meal.

I looked around to see what was feasible and stopped at Pinoy Toppings (I didn’t forget the name of the fast-food where I bought my dinner. Hehehe!) to get a burgersilog (that’s an order of a big burger patty, a large cup of rice and fried egg with free soup). When I went back to my table, I realized then that it was shaky as hell. So, unsatisfied with where I was, I went to look for another place to stay and eat my dinner. That’s when I think I misplaced my wallet and it fell to the ground when I stood up. I thought that I had already put it inside my bag when I put my cell phone back in (what a stupid thing to do. I know). Anyway, I finished my food and happily walked back to the 1st floor. Good thing I re-checked everything when I reached the next floor. I started to panic but got a hold of myself and ran back toward where I ate. Seeing nothing was there, I went back towards the fist place I sat. A man sitting at the opposite table called my attention and asked me what I was looking for, so I told him that my wallet was missing. He then told me that the bus boy got something on the floor. Thank GOD! I really don’t know if that was my wallet or not, but at least it was a good sign. So I asked the attendant of Pinoy Toppings where to go and they gave me directions going to the security office (Thanks to the cashier and the man who called my attention - didn’t get their names).

So there I was, huffin’ and catching my breath and at the same time praying that they did get my wallet. I talked to the lady guard (Emily Casuga) and told her what happened. And I was relieved when I saw what she was holding -- my wallet! The chief security named Mr. Rolando Ordoñez asked me my name, and I told them who I was and I even showed them my office I.D. They were very nice and I think they were helping me calm down. They told me that the one who found my wallet is named Leopoldo Castro – Thanks bro! They told me that it was a good thing their people got my wallet, for if it was another customer the probability of surrendering it to them would be so slim (based on their records and experience, I guess). After Ms. Casuga wrote down all the contents of my wallet in her log-book I was made to sign there. And before leaving, I shook their hands, thanking them for what they did and thanking them for doing a great job. I haven’t been so proud of people in uniform until now.

Again, I would like to thank Mr. Leopoldo Castro who found my wallet.
Sir Rolando Ordoñez, the chief security of SM Manila Food-court.
Ma’am Emily Casugo, the lady security guard that inspect my wallet and
Mr. Rodolfo Javier, another security that was on duty that time.

I don’t know how could I ever repay you guys, especially Mr. Castro, but I sure know that God would be very kind to you all. I wish I could ask SM management to award you with something, but I guess that’ll be too much for them.

So, I guess what I could only do for you guys right now is to tell the whole blog community and the world how grateful I am for your kindness. God bless you all and again, Thank You very much.

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