Monday, February 16, 2009


Everyone is invited to come and join us at the KOMIKERO MEETING on Feb. 22 at the Sampalok Lake, San Pablo Laguna. Jonas Diego is cooking up something new for the org while Gerry Alanguilan will still welcome the new comers and we'll watch them all get wet ( an initiation for new member of Komikero) by swimming into the lake! Like Manila Man would say: Wakokooooo!

To those who wish to join us (me and robin) going to San Pablo, Please don't text us, YM us or call us...we will text you. (Paki usap na malaki ito ha...sana wag makulit). Regarding the way going to Sanpalok Lake, Please go to Gerry's blog. He posted a map there.

I hope by now everyone is aware. So wala ng tampuput! Like I said, I LABS YOU GUYS!

See you all there.


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