Monday, February 23, 2009

First Published work on DAILY INQUIRER

The Article on PDI

Original Artwork WIP by Myke Guisinga

Last Saturday (Feb. 21, 2009) another article for Bayan Knight came out on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The daily talked to Gilbert Monsanto (creator of TROPA, RAMBOL and have worked for MARVEL & IMAGE COMICS in the U.S. of A) about the group and a little about his life, when and how he started with doing comicbook.

I Love this article so much because it is my first time that my work (did the layout) was published on a newspaper. Thanks to Gilbert for trusting me on this one , and to Christine "Robin" Rivero for the added confidence.


Gio Paredes said...

Sana white na lang din ang ginamit mong color ng mga names natin. Hindi kasi makita masyado pag printed na.

Myke and Robin said...

Hi Gio! It's Robin :) The image we uploaded here is a lo-res version. The one we sent to the Inquirer was a high-res version in which the names of both the characters and creators were distinct; I reviewed it myself before it was sent to Ruel de Vera ;)

Anyway, the paper's space constraints and the natural distortion from digital image to print would account for the blurriness of the names in the actual article. It's a bit dismaying, I'll have to admit; but the fact remains that all of us managed once again to give BK a phenomenal amount of exposure.

Thanks to you and all the members of the Bayan Knights creative team for making this possible!

Cheers ^_^

Myke and Robin said...

@Robin: Well said honey. *MWAH*

@Papi Gio:
Any more messages?

****it's me... Myke