Monday, July 21, 2008

What Pens Do I USe?

Someone had asked me on Deviant Art on what do I use for Inking my art works. I am not a brush or Dipped Pen guy. I am more of a drawing pen guy. And here are my instruments:

1. Uni Pens (#.1, .3 .8)
I have them and using them for almost 3 years now. Very smooth handling. Good inks. Water proof. It easy for those croquil pen effect (thick to thin flow lines). And it is in the mid range price. Not expensive but not cheap either. Good for those who wants to start investing on pens who could give good result to your artworks, pronto. Price range: P52

2. STABILO Pen 68 / Eraser / .5 Mechanical Pencil(not in picture) and HiPolymer Leads (B)

Though I have used so many brand of mechanical pencils, I am currently using one from Stabilo. Their Pencil Leads are some of my favorite to use. Does not break that much when I am doing some hard strokes and it doesn't produce smudges when you are having a wet hand syndrome. Good clean and very cheap for a branded instruments.

The Stabilo ExamGrade Eraser:
The best since the dust free eraser came out. I LOVE IT! I became an instant admirer of this product. Before I was using gum eraser, but those types leaves sticky stuff on your pencil case or bags and they are getting expensive every year. So, HAIL! STABILO ExamGrade!

I am just trying this new product for a few months now. Use it for easy fill on big black areas instead of using paint brush .3 and my (elephant brand) Indian ink. Not as dark as I have expected and it only last for 3 to 5 pages of heavy black pages. Don't usually use the Photoshop for filling those black area.

3. DongGa My-Gel Pen .7
A very cheap yet very usable pen. Handle it wisely and you'd get those curves and lines that you want with eased. And it is very very cheap. P12

Draw back: Slow to dry and it blots when you drop it and worst... It wont write at all.:)

But still it's a good product to have for those starting to draw and investing on drawing instruments.

4. Pilot .7 Pen and Pilot COLOR Eno .7 Mechanical pencil with .7 colored lead.

Use it for outlining and plotting my artwork/pages. So there is no need for messy pencil lines and strokes. And their the only brand that sells blue lead. A little expensive though. P50 to P80 for the Mechanical pencil / P45 for the lead (6pcs), WOW!

5. WACOM Graphire 4 Tablet
The last on my instrument. I use this for some final retouching and cleaning of my finished inking pages/artworks. Very useful and very expensive. Price: Check your Local computer shop for prices.

So I hope this will help you eased up in choosing your drawing instruments.


kc cordero said...

you're not fond of using staedtler and rotring mechanical pens... they're the best.

Myke said...

Boss KC,

Thank you sa pag-daan. Hindi nmn...kaso out of range sa budget. Noon gumagamit ako ng rotring...kaso napagod ako sa kakalinis..hehehe!

Pro After ko bumili ng scanner, yan tlga susunod ko. Maybe Christmas time na.

Thank you sa pag daan.