Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is the group that would bring you a new comic book(s) to read next year. We are fondly called "Tres Amigo" by our colleague at KOMIKERO, Mr. Jonas Diego.

John Beccaro and I met after the 5th anniversary of Komikero (that'll be the Dec 2006). Funny thing there is that, I went there (San Pablo, Laguna) on the said time and he arrive after we've left. When I saw the 5th anniversary video at youtube, I wrote him on his DA, and we talk alot of stuff. Eroll See came I think March or April of 06. And after the introduction,him, John & I were good friends. We instantly created Devils Creed's story. We finished the artwork and the all is ready for the 2nd Komikon, when Johns PC gave up on us.

After a few months, Eroll when to U.S. of A and he is now doing a comic book (the title to follow) and he tapped us to ink (by me) and colour (John) the book. It'll be a hell of a comic book for his buddy there is a very good writer "Cris". Anyway, i'd give you some update from time to time about the progress of the book.

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