Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Working Table

After the Pens. My working Area. The drawing board. Although I'm not living on this apartment anymore, I think I need to put them here since I had stayed there for a year and a month. Missed the place, the first place I had called my own home. It is nice to have a place your own, but I guess I am destined to go back home (for awhile) to help my parents and I guess to fix whatever problems they are having right now.

As you can see, my Drawing board is just placed on top of boxes. If you're thinking if it's sturdy or not...well, I had drawn there for many nights. Though, the short height, give me some back pains from sitting on a small plastic stool.

Here, you can see that I am working on the pages of "Children of Amulets" (formerly titled "Tatlong Boyz"). I have draw 8 pages already, but have to re-draw the last 3pages...I hate what I did there. Anyway, this project wont come out this year. Financial wise. But I am hoping that Claw Issue #3 and #4 would be present this coming KOMIKON. Lets all just wait and see.

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