Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am and will always be a BMX flatland rider. No matter what I chose to play now, I still long for that time that I'd ride my new bike and bust those old routines that I have. I even rode in the pro level, ASIAN X Games that were held here. My first was at BONI, then the 2nd and the last Xgames was held at Alabang town Center. But I guess, that dream would have to wait.

My bike was with me for almost 6 year when last November of 2007, my BMX bike was stolen. We have a suspect, and one of my rider friend was approached by that person and offered my bike. We were ready to buy and apprehend that person, but sad to say, he suddenly disappeared with my bike and the last thing we know is that he already sold my bike.

That person (who stole my bike) was apprehended and put behind bars, but not because of what he did to me, but because of his other offenses, which includes murder! yeah! he isn't the guy you wanna mess up with and I won't be out of my mind ready to confront those kinds of people (well..better not push me either). Sad thing, he was freed on bail. Some justice system we have here in the Philippines. Now I know that when you have money and connections, you can really get away with whatever crimes you are involved with.

Anyway, here are the specs of my bike:

[b]Bike specs:[/b]
[b]GT Show Alloy (fake)- [/b]Airwalk sticket on the seat tube and at the bottom main tube)
[b]Dragon fly fork [/b](with Airwalk sticker wrap around at right side)
[b]GT h-post[/b]
KHE imitation old H-bar
[b]A'ME (white)[/b] Handle grips and Shimano lever
[b]Haro[/b] barend (alloy)
Tektro front brake
[b]Araya double wall 36 hole (f & b)[/b]
Primo hard seat
[b]Alloy seat post (mtbike)[/b]
Powerlite (3pc alloy crank)
[b]Haro Plastic peddal[/b]
Haro nuke (Chain ring)
[b]Chain (ordinary crome)[/b]

Haro multi (front)
GT (back)

[b]Primo pegs [/b]with drilled holes (front & back)

Ohh... and I am assembling a new one now. Though, I'm not sure when when my new baby would be ready. AS for anyone who could see this bike (which someone said that the frame now is colored black), please inform the proper authorities and show them this post of mine if they do have some questions.


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