Monday, July 14, 2008

Cheers for it is our 20th year

I was assigned to design a poster lay-out for the High School reunion that we will be having (jeez! Now everyone would know how old I am...SOB!) A retro feel, instead of those late 80's POP poster layout. When Michael jackson was soo BAD! And Tears for Fears Can say MAD WORLD. Ang Aga Mulach's Campus Beat Reaching Out like Gary V's.

Anyway, A retro feel for the new ages. I mean, I had to bridge the present year from that era and, with those circular element putting the continuity of of what we are, an alumni of our beloved alma-mater, San Jose Academy de Navotas. Cheers for it is our 20th year. And thank you GOD our father, for letting us celebrating it.

For those interested to join our grand alumni celebration, please do contact the following person(s) for further details:

Jep Apostol - 0919-5298289
Eric Rodriguez - 0922-8062018

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