Friday, June 20, 2008

KOBE BRYANT DIE HARD FAN (After Michael Jordan)

After his Airness-"Michael Jordan" departed from the hardwood, there wasn't anybody out there in his position, as a guard/shooting guard that came close to him than Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Okey. There is Vince Carter. But the guy is just a pure high-jumping, scoring machine. He never got close to an NBA conference finals.

Then you've got Tracy "T-Mac" McGrady. He is more of like a Scottie Pippen player. But he lacks the defensive knowledge of the later.

Then, lastly you say Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Don't get me wrong here...he is good. No, he is Great! But honestly speaking and I hope everyone would agrees with me that, he plays like Dominique Wilkins. A good scorer and a very good leaper. But again, not as close to playing like Mike.

Now, Kobe. He plays as hard as Mike. Moves and have some traits like Mike inside the court. But the one thing that makes them the same is their determination to win. yeah, both have this attitude towards his teammates. Because they both want those people to play like it would be their last game. To give everything they've got to every game. Push their bodies to the limits if playing "hard-nosed defense". But unlike them, their teammates succumbed to a big melt-down on their most important game. Just like what happened to the Lakers team in Boston. Kevin Garnett just ate them for breakfast.

Understandably, the two guys Kobe depended upon to do the dirty works and give him a clear path going to the lane, didn't do their jobs. Power Forwards Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom wasn't effective at the finals. It's like they've just done their work after winning the Wester Conference Finals.

The inside presence wasn't there. The tenacity. No fire coming from their eyes. Odom even (almost) weeps after the game six interview. I read on the net that he is the candidate for a trade, or worst, just ship-out. Poor guy.

Anyway, Kobe was not the usual player (that would score 81pts a game in one push of a button) he wanted to be in that finals. He was very comfortable and trusted his teammates so much, that he depended on them "BIG-TIME"! And as we all know, they just disappointed their Captain ball. Unlike Michael, Kobe doesn't have a reliable back-up (with Mike, there was always Scottie Pippen). A partner in crime. He needs to find that person, that player, to really finish the job when all the defense are clogging down at him. He should find that guy.

Hope next year, we just won't be winning the Wester Finals, but the NBA's Championship as well.

Great year Kobe. Great team...Los Angeles Lakers.

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