Friday, June 20, 2008

Why Me interested on NASA, Einstein, and his Theories

If you read my 1st post for this month, I have mentioned that I've put xlinks on these sites. And you ask, "Why does an artist like me, would be interested with such topics like these?" and it's simple. I was a science geek when I was in grade school. I may not be excelling at science or math or earth science. But I was always in the library. Reading Science books. Like Space, Solor-sytem, Rockets and other stuff not really being discuss on a class room (i was studying at a public school).

When I had entered 5th grade, I was more hook-up to it. I'd bring books home from the library and reading them every night. Returning them once I've read them from cover to cover and only to borrow the next title that follows it. Yeah I was fascinated with molecules and had encountered their theories. Over whelmed with the possibilities and stuff. You know, a kid dreaming big stuff. But it was also the year that I had to compete more on Drawing Contest for school. The Museums and exhibits were the fun part of it. My Inventor/Scientist/curious mind would manifest on those places and would dream about what I have learned from those visits.

I remembered when I was in 2nd grade, our teacher asked us "What do we want to be when we grow up?", Most would want to be a teacher, an engineer, manager or soldiers. And when it was my turn, I have no other words to say than just being a "Scientist". They were like, whoooaaa! Is that you Myke? And my teacher had uttered, "That was an unexpected thing coming from you Mike". For them, they saw me as a slow learner and just into drawing super hero back then. But they never realized that where I get ideas from drawing those stuff, which I see most to sci-fi tv shows. And if you are into those stuff, you should understand everything within it. Like, how the heck does a robot moves? Where did its laser beam comes from and how did he made it. Who made them.

And when drawing spaceship, you are intrigue on how does it fly. How come it can go to space and does it comes with a comfort rooms? Every kids who draw would know how to explain all of these to those who would look at their works. So, on my part, I was like, "hey! I want to build a robot or a spaceship when I grow up. I wanted to visit the moon too. I've encountered Albert Einstein when I was only in 4th grade, and that was the turning point. Knowing all those scientist, from Grahambel to Edison. I was even hooked to the tv show Edison Twins and Twilight Zone.

Edison Twins TV Intro

How I wish that back then, Internet was already being used and computer would be as fast and high-tech as today. And applying for some advance education regarding space and learning more about NASA would be a one click of a button.

Now that I am a professional Graphic Artist. I still dream that someday, I could be a part of a space program and someday I too could walk in space. And do those "TIME-SPACE WARPS".

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