Thursday, June 19, 2008

BACK AGAIN and with NewLinks to Boost

Hi guys! Nice to be back here and writing on my blog again.
Well... you asking me why I haven't updated my site lately?
To those who had been my blogmates for more than two years now would know why and to the new guys, heres why....

The months of November to April (sometimes up to May or if it comes to worst...June) would be may peak season at my work. And doing research, lay-outing, designing, Overtime and beating deadline and all just freeze up my mind. I do sometime post a comment to some (if I have a clear mind..wheehehehe)So, I may just pop-up here once in awhile to post, but not as frequent as from July to early November. So, now that you know, let me start by posting whats new with my blog with new links, xlinks, and then some.

Lets begin with my new found friends who's into blogging.

Bianca's Text in the city (A guide to lifestyle in the metro)" - Her blog contains, everything you want to know more about the ins and out of metro. From beauty, fashion, home, foods, travel and err...relationships and weddings.

The foods and where to get them are a great topics. A worth checking out blog.

Next is, Marie Grace Johnson's Sweet Lullaby. Marie grace is a Certified Cebuana but now living in Texas, for how long, i dunno. hehehe. Ok...her blog is very informative. From Credit Cards Information to Health and beauty tips. Foods are also visible topics, with how-to's aswell.

Then, there's Stephanie Angeles "F - A Fusion of Food, Fashion, Fun, Finds and Fitness".
Step is a teacher by profession and her blog deals with fusion of Food, Fashion, Fun, Finds and Fitness and with some "Photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop?".

A fun site to view. Very warm and light site.

Then, last but not the least, Jean Nepomuceno's "Iamjean" and "My so-called-life" which the later is her original blog. the two previous blog-chick, Jean's blog is a mix of both. And I learn alot from her (we do chat sometime) regarding the pay per post and the painstaking of registering at "Paypal". What I like about her blog besides her nice topics is her choice of music being played.

This girl is very workaholic (and that's why you always get sick...get well soon sis!), and she talks too much that she always spills up new and informative topics (which I benefited alot...hehehee). Her blogs are a must read and worth checking. Ohh...and for the guys who are asking...well...she is already "TAKEN".

Got a new link also...wanna check it out. Get paid for blogging and publishing through...

Then I also added informative links ( HIGHER LEARNING ) here.
From Albert Einstein, his timeless "Quotes", and about his Theory of Relativity.
Leonardo da Vinci (The master) to the Nobel Prize Organization. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Official Website and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. My College University of the Philippines - College of Fine Arts.

Maybe you are asking now, Why does an artist who went to a Fine Art School be interested with Relativity, NASA, and Jet Propulsion? Wait till my next post. hehehe.
See yah!

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