Saturday, September 08, 2007


Never thought it could happen to me, but it did. I have been working on a project for a few months now with Tim Greenhill (he is in the US of A). A very good writer. Anyway, he contacted me last April to be his artist for his book (title witheld for secrecy purposes). I send him a couple of things that I want to consider if I do become his artist.

First, my name should appear on the book, because I hear alot of things regaring Filipino comicbook artist never given respect on the book they've drawn.

Second, Original Artworks stays withme...hehehe!

Third, complimentary copies. And he agrees to all..even the price I ask per Artwork.

I just recently got an email from him, for I have submitted some of his pages, and this is what Tim has to say:

"The artwork is freakin incredible. I mean i left it up to you to design the uniform look for the characters and you knocked it out the park. I can't tell you how truly pleased i am with all the effort you've put in to assist me on this project.
When i opened the attachments and saw the artwork i was blown away. The omega symbol on the belts is classic, love it.I haven't received the other pinups/ pages yet and to say i looking foward to it would be a understatemnet. Just to add i did want mindseye to have some sort of trench type jacket over his uniform. I can't decide which i like better ,because the xion ,mindseye and kili sketch looks like a perfect cover. The blaze picture is amazing."

Tim is refereing to this Pin-up:

I haven't received any goodnews for a couple of months now (from work and freelance), and with this, what Tim says about my work is truly a breather and a big boost on my skill as a comikbook artist. And I also want to THANK whole heartedly Mr. Jonas Diego for supporting me since day one and up to the coming Comics Convention this November. Bro...thanks for the trust and support! You are the MAN!

Sa lahat ng naniniwala sa akin....Salamat!


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Jonas Diego said...

No. You da man! :D

Myke said...

Hazel my sis...Salamat. Kita tayo sa Komikon.

Jonas, Salamat talaga ng marami.