Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Big BooSt fRoM JonAs DiEgo

A good friend of mine wrote in his site about my book. Here is what he says:

More and more people are going into self-publishing.

There’s a lack of publishers in the local Philippine comic book industry comic creators can approach with their opus especially with the current state it’s in. Creators instead turn to non-traditional channels like web-based publishing (webcomics), mobile media publishing (mobile phones and PDAs), and self-publishing.

One of these brave souls is fellow Komikero Myke Guisinga.

Watch out for his book, CLAW.

Watch this page for further announcement and details. He’s going to try and make it available to as many outlets as possible. He’s also accepting advertisements so feel free to get in touch with him.

For other comic book creators out there who have stuff coming out (print, indies, webcomics, whatever…), let me know and I’ll be more than happy to post it on this blog for a bit of plugging.

Good luck, Myke!

Thanks bro for helping me. And to all the readers of my blog, I NEED YOUR HELP!
My comicbook is in a little dilemma right now. Well, printing cost isn't cheap, so I am asking for your help. My book is open for advertising. So if you guys or your company is interested in putting Ad on my book, just email me and titled it as Interested on PAGE AD.

I'll be sending you my proposal along with some pages from the book.

Well, I Hope you could help me. I need to get them to the printing press before November. Well...keeping my fingers crossed.

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