Saturday, September 01, 2007


Who is not excited to the coming event? Hundreds of aspiring Artist? Mind bugglig Writers? Multi-Peso Generating Publisher to crush these over excited INDIE people? Or just a child at heart wonderin'... ME?

Well, whoever they, it's no secret. This is one of those events that is being awaited by thousands to arrive. And two months from now, and we're all gonna see each others works. Those hundred of minutes we waste to finish a page 'till 3a.m. in the morning ('coz the coffee is still pouring from your cup). Those expensive pencil leds, kneeded erasers, blue leds, and tens of different sizes of art pens. Not to mention those bristol boards that we buy by tens.

Now, all those hard works and expenses will finally pay off. Em not saying, that it's too expensive to make yer own comics ma'lad. But it's em passion...the guts that we always say to our selves whenever we finis a page or two that "DAMN! YOU WILL BE SEEN AT BE KNOWN AT THE COMING KOMIKON". Damn! But would they buy my work?
Well...last year's convention, we were supposed to show to our pears our own work entitled "DEVIL's CREED". Character owned by Eroll See. Penciled by him and Ink by John Becaro and me. Story was a team work of me and Eroll, while the script was dug up from my nutshell. Anyway, we rushed to finished the comicbook, but alas, when the glorious day came, there was no Devil's Creed. God must have some reasons? We just think positively and hope by next year it will be much ok. So, there I was sitting at the Alamat booth, and throwing stupid old (very old) jokes with Ka'jo Baldisimo(TRESE) and Ian Sta Maria (ULTRA COP), my classmate in college at U.P Fine Arts) when a friend from my town came up to me and ask me if I were selling my works too? I said no, but I have some few copies of my old works. I gave him a copy of "CLAW #2" (which in the compilation that i'll be selling, I didn't include that issue. Why? BUY THE BOOK to know why...), and then a guy approached me and saw me giving away my coming, so he asked me if he could see it, I show him one, and after browsing it asked me "how much is my comic". I said, did u like the comic and he smiled and said "Yes". Then I told him, "Sige na iyo na lang yan. Next year's Komikon, watch out for the compilation". He said, "Oo ba!" and he thanked me. He stayed and talked to us for a few minutes before I excused myself. That was last year. This year....DAMN! IM SO EXCITED! Can't wait any longer.

See you there!

November 17, '07 - 9a.m. to 6p.m.
Bahay ng Alumni
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City

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