Monday, March 05, 2007


Hi there everyone...

I bet everyone is very eager to see the comic (as if To all those people who are asking when will I release the book, well, I was planning it by April (as a birthday gift for myself). But due to the strick schedule I have to follow at work, I have to settle for May or much worst...July. Thats life. I have to finish my obligations first to the people who I work for.

Anyway, can anyone help me get my post this poster to any comicbook shop here in Manila (Q.C & near cities.). I don't have any names to talk to to those big comicshop (Comic odessey & Comic quest and the others).

And I am still 8 pages short on my Advertisement page. If anyone wants to put some advertisements...feel free to contact me 0916-2135815 or email me at



Hazel Chua said...

wow! cool teaser! :)


ASTIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!Can't wait to seethe interiors! kina carrer mo na talaga ha?^___^

Jac said...

nice layout :)

Myke said...

Hazel, John & Jac...Maraming salamat sa pagdaan. At salamat at nagustuhan nyo ang teaser pa lang. Hope maipaskil ko na ang mga ito sa comicbook stores. Muli, salamat ng marami.

Marya(Ang babaeng laging walang tulog) said...

teaser pa lang. ulam na! *wink
kaabang abang..