Friday, February 16, 2007


Hi there guys! Lots of new stuff are coming in this March, but first let me tell you that I too have joined "COMICSPACE". It's so easy to join. Get your Account...NOW!

Now, regarding March Surprises...A new title from me should come out (& comic pages as well), they are: TATLONG BOYZ, BIKER MAC & PIC, LICK & DICK! ( I dunno bout the DONE DADDY & the Fright Squad...panget pa kasi ang mga drawings ko noon.)

TATLONG BOYZ (Myke Guisinga Story & Art; Edit / Script by Mary Edeza De Leon)

Story about three (3) PMA (pahinga muna anak... at Pasaway at MA-a- Angas), namely:
Matt San Lorenzo - As BOY LINDOL! A mystery why whenever he would visit a girls house, tremors would always be felt by the residence.

Jaz Tino - As BOY HANGIN! Talks and brags alot but can run as fast as the wind, and there's...

Paulo Jayvee Daknay, P.J. for short as BOY TIGAS! Small but terrible. He is as tough as rock(when it comes to stubbornness & hard-headed)!

They went on a vacation to P.J.'s province (Baryo Walang Dios)without them knowing that the place now resides the deadly "ASWANG (Vampires, Zombies)" and other bad spirits live and cultivates. All of the town folk are frighten because of what happened to a near-by-town. They were all turned to "ASWANG" and those other that refused were killed or much worst...eaten alive.

P.J.'s grandmother(Nanay Perping) and the lady good spirit of the mountain Diwata Leoneng were the only protectors of the town from the "ASWANGS". But Nanay Perping is too old and weak fighting the "ASWANGS". The last fight almost got her killed. Timely, the tatlong boyz visits him. He instructed P.J. and his friends to get and perform a ritual, but without her telling them the reasons behind all those erands (as she told the three boys).

There and then, the three got superpower. Each and everyone binding to their personalities but without getting a word from Diwatang Leoneng. And thus, they've became the protector of the town. Fighting the ASWANGS and Malignos.

BIKER MAC is a comic strip that I have done along...long time ago (91 to be exact). I just recently got them out of my cabinet. It's a story basically based about me when I was still a teenager and riding a BMX bike. Hmm...It's not too original, but heck...I love teh corny jokes (ang abbaw kasi).

PICK, LICK & DICK! Those who got the copy of my comic book "CLAW issue #2" would know by now who these guys are. A Comic strip type. Full of humor but suggested for Mature readers. Why? Try analizing the title itself.

So...there you go. Next week you would see the pages of Heroes and Dreamers "TEEN PACK" story. Yan sigurado na ako dyan!

So...I guess this enough up dates for now. See you soon.


Marya(Ang babaeng laging walang tulog) said...

after a long day of meeting and watching gawad ccp & play, Ang mga huwad(the pretenders)[.wow. kapagod nga..hehe]

napangiti naman ako dito.. :)

Jac said...

Good luck with your story concepts :)