Friday, February 09, 2007

AZEHR & Nostalgia Manila

I know I am not updating my blog as often as before. I am just a little busy nowadays. Office deadline is killing me, though I’m still having a lot of fun. Now, what’s new from me? Well, I do not know bout you guys, but I am having fun viewing / reading NOSTALGIA MANILA blogsite. The site is concentrated in bringing back all the stuff from the 70’s. From cool tv series to commercials. Cartoons. Movies and even music. The site ROCKS! They even add me to their links.

Then I’ve also met a cool writer/poet using the alias “AZEHR”. She opted to be recognize this way. She hails from Butuan City. She is staying right now at Cagayan De Oro to finish her studies (Liceo de Cagayan University - Good luck sis I believe in you). Her writing is too personal and that in a way could be make any guy’s blood pressure reach to it’s boiling point. Most of her works are to sexy and passionate. Mostly expressing her true, undying love to her former boyfriend. However, there are more than love story from her. I just have to find a way to link her blog without jeopardizing her identity. I should convince her to make a new blog without too much info bout her. For now you can read some of her work at my “Soft Side”.

Heroes and dreamers first page will come out this coming Monday (Feb. 12, 07), you would be reading the first story from H&D. Then Claw the re-birth is almost finished. Some new pages have to be made to nearly half of the storyline because some had been damage due to moist and not properly protected (heheheh! My Fault!) artwork. Now If I could only get enough sponsors to cover up the cost of producing it. How bout some help guys? Page advertisement? Any takers? The cover is colored. I am still in thinking if it’ll be a jacket form or the traditional bind. But let us get back to page advertisement. I could accommodate a full page and half page Ad. How much would it be? Just txt me or call me and give me your email addie for details.

Guess I could only give 10 pages Ad space. So any taker, just txt me your email add and I will send you the price list.
Well. Thanks again for reading. Paalam muna.

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