Tuesday, January 23, 2007


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Sorry for the delay of my blog's update. It's been a busy '07 here at the office, and I couldn't wait for eternity to signing in (Blogger / Yahoo Mail), takes too long... Like FOREVER signing in. I'd rather shift to friendster's blog if this thing won't clear their acts together. Anyway, before I could start my blabbling... I have added/ link some new people here at my blog.

Great artist Oliver Palumbarit and my schoolmate from U.P. Diliman, Hazel Chua. Cool Writers Mary Edeza De Leon (she'll be editing my re-issue of "CLAW") and Jervin Reyes (my nephew...damn! I'm gettin old....). And a very good friend from New York, Mr. Joe Sutch. He is a great sculptor and owns this big bar in NY. For good informative blog-site there's: Nostalgia Manila and For The Love of Filipino Comics. So, there you go, enjoy reading and looking at their stuff.

Now, to my updates. I have already done some pages for Heroes & Dreamers "TEEN-PACE", but I haven't post it yet due to some minor revisions to the characters image. Heroes & Dreamers is © by yours-truly. Resemblance of artworks to some characters are not intentional. After that storyline is Heroes & Dreamers "TATLONG-BOYZ". I won't give any details yet, sine I have just started conceptualizing the characters. Then there's the Anthologies (why plural? well, there are three incoming book compilations that I may join in) one with Jonas Diego & John Becaro. The other one is with KOMIKERO (which I hope I could attend this sunday's meeting)and the last would be with Jonas Diego again. A very busy Myke is now within your reach. Don't forget the freelance works that I am getting and a Badminton game evry thursday night and basketball every fridays. COOL SKED!

So, as you can see, I am (pretending to be) a very busy man. So, 'nuff for now. See you again soon.


Nostalgia Manila said...

Hello at kamusta Myke. If you'd like to link up to the Go Ranger vs JakQ movie, just click on the video, and it should open up another window that will give you the link on YouTube.

Maraming salamat sa pagbisita, and do share Nostalgia Manila with all your friends and family!

Spread Nostalgia Fever!

Marya(Ang babaeng laging walang tulog) said...

Hey.. :) salamat sa pag banggit ng aking pangalan! *big smile* na kita ang gilagid sa pagka-big...hehe