Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas is just around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner. While most of us are very excited to welcome this very glorious event, I am not one of those. Why you ask? Well, first, Just last two weeks ago (Thursday morning, Nov. 30), one of my dearest cousin. Leonila “Ate Leny” Reyes-Sevilla passed away. She was just laid to rest just last Saturday (Dec. 9, 2006). The family still grieves I hope we can all move on as quickly as possible. But it is really hard, when if you are very close to that person.

Second… My PC gave up on me and when I needed it most! My clients just have to wait till next year for me to finish their project.

3rd. No back-up money to pull out and the person who I thought would somehow ease my financial crisis, just lets me down. Woe is me! Prayers are heard and I know they were. But I guess, when this time of year comes, God doesn’t have time to listen to some small lousy prayer like mine. I can understand that and I can understand what he is facing right now.

I guess, like my clients, just have to wait ‘till next year for graces would appear.

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