Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shooting star

Ive been staring blankly at the sky
since the sun diappeared on my sight.
Looking and patiently waiting
On something undefined.

I notice how different this night was
from any other night before
There's neither stars nor cloud
seven the moon doesnt show up tonight.

Unaware but wondering
On where this night is leading
Could it be one of my unforgettable nights,
or one of the nights I'll despise all my life?

I was about to stand and leave
When suddenly a shooting star appeared
Fast, almost unnoticeable
But it left a mark, somewhere across the blue sky

Instead of closing my eyes
to whisper a wish
That reminded me of you
You came suddenly from nowhere

Leaving me everyday with questions and answers in riddles
but its something I dont like to admitand will never admit.

You're like a shooting starvisible to my eyes yet too far
Like a shooting starUnsure and unsecured of your existence.

One day, I'll look backOn how things happen between us
And I'll smile, knowing thatYou're just like a shooting star
Will come and go
Appear and disappear
leaving a line in the airJust like a shooting star.

--Never had anyone made me something like this.


Marya said...

wow, magandang tula.. Gawa mo? hehe..

Myke Guisinga said...

Hindi...gawa ng isa sa mga nag-mamahal sa akin...her name is Rio Locsin...daw?

marya said...

hmm.. aba.. akalain mo no? Bat di ako makasulat sa note pad mo? Siguro banned ako dun noh? Hehe..

at oo. di ko natiis dumaan din ako.lol

Hazel Chua said...

halu! i linked you... link me too!!! thanks

Myke Guisinga said...

Hazel, thanks for dropping by (again...lol)Okey na po madam... Link na kita.