Monday, November 06, 2006


I was a TV geek ever since I can remember. From the TV program of Uncle Bob Lucky 7's Club, Kulit Bulilit, Sesame Street, Electric Comapany and Jim Henson's The Muppets. To the cartoon specials, like Bugs Bunny's Looney Toons to Mickey Mouse Club.
Then came the first generation of futuristic robots. Heck I still remember their channel 7's 6mp schedules:
Monday = Mekanda Robot
Tuesday = Daimos
Wednesday = Mazinger Z
Thursday = UFO Grendizer
Friday = VOLTES V after that would be JACK-Q then it was replaced by WATARI.

Then on Saturday Morning it'll be channel 9's morning treat of "SATURDAY FUN MACHINE" a three hour marathon of different cartoons. From Hanna-Barbera's Zorro, John Blackstar to Popeye ( the 80's version), Great Space Coaster, Space Gohst & ofcourse "SUPERFRIENDS". Still on channel 9, afternoon treat still fires up with the classic inter-galactic partner "KYODYEN" and the greatest swash-buckling team of all time (my generation ofcourse) "THE STAR RANGER"(see picture below). Then, suddenly they we're banned for public viewing. The president then, the late Ferdinand Marcos banned all violent orriented cartoon & japanese superheroes. That leave us with nothing but channel 9's "SATURDAY FUN MACHINE. Channel 7 "ANNALIZA" & channel 9's "FLORDELUNA" heats the tube thereafter.

Then after came the "PEOPLE POWER REVOLT", and have these antiomation we're awaken within their cryogenic state on Philippine TV. Arm with a new inspiration, Channel 13 brought in "VOLTRON GO-LIONs" and the newly opened Channel 5' joinned the fray and introduce the smash TV series "BIOMAN". Even If I still wish "STAR RANGER" would be viewed again, I find "BIOMAN" a fun and interesting to watch as a team fighting super heroes. Then all sorts of Intergalactic Super Cops & Defender of the Earth came poppin to our tube from one channel to another. "SHAIDER", "ULTRAMAN", and the multi-million U.S. based toy franchised "POWER RANGERS".

My eyes have been glued to the tube since kinder and now have two kids (from different relationships) and getting aged but wiser, I am still glued to the tube. But with a different viewing preferences. Channel 9's on top of my list with their hit t.v. series. (from Alf, Punky Bruster, Perfec Starngers to the new hit BOSTON PUBLIC, Felicity, CSI, Without A Trace, and the MEDIUM).
Channel 23 also got me, with CHARMMED, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy while channel 5 keeps me seeking to DVD Stall Seller the very touching series "WONDER YEARS".

And now here I am, watching "BAHAY MO BA 'TO" while typing this piece.I am tire and ready to sleep. later.


Jac said...

I remember my sis appearing in UBL7C, ready to record the moment with our trusty vcr, but alas: brownout!

Myke Guisinga said...

Hehehe...sayang naman. I am a big fan of Uncle Bob (Prarapppapam pa pam pa pam...). Sinubukan ba ng sis mo sa KALUSKOS MUSMOS?

Nostalgia Manila said...

Since you're one of many Voltes V fans, I thought you'd like to see this RARE VIDEO CLIP of an original Voltes V TV Advert, which was aired back in the '70s & '80s. Enjoy! (