Monday, November 06, 2006


I was not at my usual savy self when the Komikon day started. A night before the comicon, Me, John Becaro & Eroll See were busy inking and putting dialogue to some of the pages of our comic book entitle "Devil's Creed". Heck! I haven't had a good sleep for days prior to the Komikon (tell you bout it some other time).

Anyway, there was I, alone and excited. First, it'll be my first time to enter a U.P. building again, for so many years. The last one was trying to enroll (supposedly) my last year at this school. The adrenaline it brought me was unexplainable.

2nd, it'll be my first time (in so many year...10 to be exact) to attend a comic convention. The first one was when we (my batchmates & classmates) along with Alamat founded the first ever "Comic Convention" back in '96 and was held at U.P. Faculty Center. There, I've first met Monsanto, Alanguilan and ofcourse, Mr.Bishop himself, Whilce Portacio. I've even let him sign my "Wetworks" collection.

3rd, my first, to join with fellow KOMIKERO members to this kind of an event.

I arrived around lunch time. I ask the ushers / people at the reception where are the Indie publishers are located. Man, we're at the far left front corner of the U.P. Bahay ng Alumnai. There we're so many groups there on that area that we looked like sardines in a plate. Grabe! It only means that there are alot of us talented people that wanted to be notice.

After seeing the spot. I tried looking for my buddies. Alas after 15 minutes of searching, I saw Eroll, he had been waiting since 9 in the morning (hehehe...sorry dude). I greeted him and greeted me back with a bad news... John Becaro's (our designated computer artist/letterist and inker) computer had gone haywire. That it was impossible on that day to fix it and the lack of money forced him to let his computer have a day off.

So, when he (John) arrived, I've told him that it's alright and maybe our comicbook isn't ready for the public. We then went our ways. I stayed with my former classmates & member of the "BLOCK COMICS" that founded the first comic convention. IAN STA. MARIA of ULTRA COPS ( & Ka'Jo BALDISIMO ( of the now very famous "TRESE" along with BUDGETTE TAN of "ALAMAT COMICS" . It was a sweet reunion for the three of us, we also saw one of our professor at the College of Fine Arts here at U.P., Prof. Hernando. Dude nice to see and talked to you again. . I have met Ian's girlfriend and also talked to Mr. Gilber Monsanto. Jonas Diego was to busy with his "LEAD SLINGER CHALLENGE", while JAC & RAYPO sat at one corner or sometimes walk from one table to another.

Time was short and the date it was held was a wrong timing for me, payday was a week earlier and the money I had with me was just enough. Anyway, this coming payday, I am goin to get a copy of Elmer 2 ( & TROPA ( Whew! Almost forgot, Thank you Ed Tadeo ( for the YSB copy (dude, you forgot to sign my, Ian Sta. Maria, Budgette & Ka'jo for giving me a copy of their new comic "Ultracop" & "The Last Datu". Signed & with a kiss from Ian. har-har-har!
The event was a blast! To those who didn't attend the Komikon, guys, you've just missed a very important part of your komikbook life.

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