Friday, November 03, 2006


This is Ian Sta. Maria's work for Alamat Comics. Justicecorpslore. He also finish a book along with Budgette Tan called Ultracop. This comic is pack of heavy fire-power and with non-stop action (and his artwork has transformed to very less complicated line works He used to be our Bart Sears on the group. Now you could see the influence of Charests on his works. Very "Clean and mostly black").

He & I were friends back since 95'. Along with Hector Ventura, Nemcy Cruz, Jeng Bernardo, Mhy Manalo, Argem Venuya, Ka'jo Baldisimo, Jim Bautista and Guido Maria Innocencio with Paulito Rivera (as our colorist), formed the "BLOCK COMICS". The group lasted for only a year and a half. But some continued the developing process of the comics and some went on to do their own thing.
He, along with Ka'jo, bumped with each other last Oct. 17, 06' at the 2nd KOMIKON which held at Bahay ng Alumnai, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City. It was a reunion of sort for us who love to create comicbook. I will post here our works when we we're once called "THE BLOCK"


Jac said...

ack I've yet to finish reading ALL the comics I bought at the Komikon! :D

Hazel Chua said...

ngek! baket di ko nalaman na may comic block pla noon sa FA? batch 97 po ako pumasok sa ID then shifted to viscom. i know ian, hector, and that cute tall guy...argun. hmmm... have we met???