Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well...Do I have to say more? Naging mahusay ang kinahantungan ng unang pag-sasama sama ng aming batch...that's why we're here again, craving and salavitating for that ice-cold bottle of beer!
The first part was a good start, so to speak. Eventhough few came, it is still something to remember by. I am the last person who came, and I guess I may be the last person to come again...but not that too late. I've missed almost three hours of fun stories, chatting and drinking one-on-one to most of the guys & gals there. HECK! I am well adjusted now, and I know I can beat
So, we hope that everyone who didn't make it the first time, could spare us some of your time and JOIN THE FUN...
As our new tag-line says: WE'RE BACK! See you on October 7...

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