Saturday, September 30, 2006

Life's A Joke

It's been two days now since typhoon "Milenyo" passed our city...and with it's departure, took alot from every filipinos. To some, their shelter, foods or clothing. But to those unlucky people... their love ones. I pitty them and I could only share with them are my prayers.

But to some, like me, the lone bread winner to my brother & father, and supporting a child...wouldn't be that easy aswell. If you are the one to overlook the things to fix, like a lose roof to be replace, a ceiling that had to be replace and the food supply that wish could just be bought at a cheaper price. Even working too hard at work, getting freelance work isn't just the real solution. You need a dependable partner to oversee those problems. A partner that would understand the value of money and how it would be well managed. A partner that would not give you much talk and debate on his or her part, but a partner that, even if there is no money involved would act as if there is no tomorrow and that he or she knows that your concern should be and would be his or her concern also. It's hard to act alone and think all alone to have a nice and better future for the your family.

Life as a single person is already complicated, and if shared by two, should be much easier to for us. But still, I could be wrong...

Anyway, I am all drainned, financially. It's just a day after the paycheck were give and, well, I am already broke. And the worst thing here is that, I still have some payables to think of. Life isn't getting better for some. But I am thanking God for giving me enough opportunity to earn and provide my loved-one's something to eat everyday.

Anyway, too much negative energy isn't the way to begin my day, specially that I am now starting to write short stories again, which I hope could be appreciated by some people or much better if all... Anyway, enough.