Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 2010

This will be my first entry for year 2010. I guess everyone wondered why I stopped writing…well, Robin and I have become busy with work in and out of our office and whenever she and I have a day of rest, we grab it and be lazy the whole day.

It’s tiring to work 8 to 10 hours a day and be up early Saturday too. Sunday would be a rest day, but we visiting my family at Navotas to make my nieces happy (they too make us happy). We missed them so much, and they’re so cute.

We always tried to go back to writing here (and I think I did…regarding the last POWERADE basketball team…which when I started to upload it, it hanged and everything just vanished...PAKSYETH!), but still we can’t get nuff time. Robin and I even think of a new page/title for blogging. We planned to call it “YAYAB and WIFEY! – Journey to food tripping”, but that too was shelve for now.

But a little rundown on what happed to us when were absent from blogging.

Our 1st year Anniversary! And still going strong!

1. We went to Davao with her sister to visit their mom last September. Davao is so beautiful. Love the food. The beach. The history of that place. I love to go back there again. Soon.

2. We went to the 5th Comicon with my youngest brother Matt Renz and my niece Fae. That was a lot of fun. The kids specially Faye enjoyed meeting those creators and artist (she met Ian Sta. Maria, Ka'jo, most of BK people, Gerry Alanguilan, Jonas and alot more)…ohh and the dancing ala Michael Jackson - Spiderman. (Seriously!)

3. She (Robin) writes an article for Playboy Magazine (Philippines) for their December Issue. Common guys, get out of your house and buy that issue! (My wifey is a very good writer and she is my editor for the Claw: Re-told)

4. We spend Christmas Eve with my family at Navotas and went to Ayala Alabang to her Auntie Billie on the afternoon of Christmas day. Met there for the first time their Uncle Mayok, who lives at Edmonton, Canada. And also Tita Ada and her pretty and talented daughter (just like wifey here) Katy.

5. Spent New Year with my family and have to leave 5a.m. to be with her (miss her already). And we went to her grand-parent’s house for a New Year get together. It's my second time to be with them on this annual family gathering. It was fun and much relaxed now. I had fun talking to Tita Neyri and Tita Leny. And I love her lola Rosie's Menudo Lengua. Robin loves the shrips.

I bonded with the boys. Drinking session with Tito Leo, Tito Lui and Lolo Romy. That ROCKS! Lolo even opened up two bottles of wine. I love that Autralian wine. Now if only I could remember the name. :P

6. Now, busy with comic pages. Robin, busy with her office work and she's kinda sick lately, most probably it's because of the current weather we're having. But been taking good care of her. :D

Now, I hope this will be the great startup and a fresh start for blogging.

So, see you guys again. Thanks for reading.

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