Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Myke as Mardi Gras King and other Birthday Misadventures

Robin briefly takes over because Myke is unlikely to be online again til Monday :p

He won't get to see this then til after his birthday, making it the perfect opportunity for me to reveal ... the goofy side of Claw, hehe.

You could say we'd been celebrating since we got him his Flipbykes shirt almost a month ago, but the real fun began last friday, 03 April 2009.

Tired and a little cranky after work, I lead him to SM Megamall's atrium for dinner thinking that a nice cozy restaurant away from the crowds would perk him up. I finally convinced him to walk into Gumbo on the second floor by saying that "Terry Adams eats this stuff all the time..." Sorry for dragging you into this, Terry, but he can't think of New Orleans without thinking of the Flatland competition you're holding there this August :)

I'd eaten at another branch of Gumbo before and they serve the best Seafood Jambalaya and Bourbon Ribs I've tried yet. The cooks in the kitchen also have this amusing way of announcing that a new batch of jambalaya is ready for serving. All together, they holler, "Uno, dos, tres, ah-hummmm... JAMBALAYA!!!"

I told Myke that it was a traditional New Orleans thing, hollering and all, just to see what he'd say. He gave me the look he probably reserves for very small children and said, "I'm going to ask Terry..."

Eheh. Anyway, the manager and a waiter saw that he was already trying to open the gift I gave him and they both asked him if it was his birthday. I knew what was coming but feigned innocence. I figured I was going to enjoy every bit of what came next :D

See the vid below for the highlights of what ensued.

Hee-hee... we honestly wish we could've taken home the crown.

Finally, last Monday, 06 April 2009, Myke could no longer stand the suspense. He had to find out what sort of gift I'd given him. After we got to my house from church, he began to open the package... Then again, I should specify that he _attempted_ to open the package. This other video should clarify what I mean ;)

Oh, oh, and as if that wasn't enough... here's the epilogue...

I know the recorded conversation barely stays within the limits of the tolerably cheesy, but hey, it's his birthday and the first one we're celebrating together :)

Besides, at the very least, we haven't started cooing to each other on Twitter ^_^


kc cordero said...

When you're young and in love... :)

Myke and Robin said...

Ahehehe! Thanks sa pag-daan KC!

Musta ka na? Ano balita?