Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CLAW Issue #3 Cover

A Collaboration in the making.
Penciled by me, you can see the pencil work here on my Deviantart-account.
Claw Issue#3 cover is inked by Aaron Felizmenio. Aaron made one hell of a work on inking my cover. Thanks bro! hope next time may budget nko kahit pang Mcdo lang at pa-coke.
Here, Aaron Turon gives you a glimpse of his step-by-step inking on this cover.

Color by Levy Remirez. Can't wait to see his rendition of this cover.

Story by Me and Christine "Robin" Rivero (she also edit this book).

Coming this May 2009(if we have nuff cash to print it. SPONSOR Anyone?)


xtianity said...

Ang linis ng pagkaka-inks in Aaron. we will wait for the colored version... goodluck on this project Myke...! :D

Hazel Manzano said...

Ang tindi ng cover!!!

Myke and Robin said...

Christian..salamat. At Oo, mabangis si AAron talaga at si Levy naman ang kaaabangan sa pagkukulay. Husay nitong dalawang ito!

Hazel - Sis, maraming salamat sa pagdaan. Musta na?