Friday, March 06, 2009

Farewell Master Rapper - FRANCIS MAGALONA

So many faces, so many races
Different voices, different choices
Some are mad, while others laugh
Some live alone with no better half
Others grieve while others curse
And others mourn behind a big black hearse

~Kaleidoscope World Song~

He introduced RAP MUSIC to our homes and introduce it the Pinoy way.
Who would think that a "Tula or balagtasan" (Poetry or debate) and add some beat could turn into a magical music, which Francis Magalona shared with us. A great actor like his parents Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. He was into teen/action comedy back then when he first introduce himself to all the Filipinos young and old alike with the hit song "MGA KABABAYAN" (my countrymen). Man from Manila (which I got the idea to create "Mykemanila" my name on my Deviantart). And Kaleidoscope World and so on and on.

He is one great artist that made a big mark on the music industry and I think in the local movie industry. He is also a great host/co-host (Music Bureau to the number one noon-time show in tha Philippine "Eat Bulaga"). His KABATAAN PARA SA KINABUKASAN song was always being played on my friend's car (Ian Sta. Maria)everytime we were going to their place. Hector, Argem and I would would do the hand-arm action when chorus comes. Those were the days. And yes who would thought that Francis M would be a great influence to us and to boosting my self-confidence. Yo! Francis! Your the MAN!

Just last year, he was diagnosed with cancer of the blood or what we all know as leukemia. Everybody watched, wait and prayed for his fast recovery. And he did. He even came back to do a jamming with Eraserhead front man Ely Buendia last Oct. 25 2008. They brought the house down! It was killer! Everyone was convinced... The Man is back!

But the rejuvenation didn't last long. Today - March 6, 2009 at the noontime show. The head host, Vic Sotto announced that Francis"Kiko" Magalona died this noon of leukemia.
I was shocked! Devastated! And told myself "Not him". "Not yet".
Then after a couple of minutes, I accepted the sad news.
Took my earphone. Placed it on my head. Opened my Winamp player and played my Francis M album while writing this blog for him.

To Francis family and friends, condolences to you all.
To Francis M, the Man, my prayers for you.
Another journey now awaits for you. Another team-up for you but now with the biggest artist in the universe, our LORD GOD.

Peace bro. We Love you.

**Robin interviewed him (August 22, 1998) when she was still writing for Junior Inquirer. The title was "Mr. Cool Went to Nature School". A little cheesy, but he was called that way back then.

Robin's postscript: I heard about Francis' passing in the cab on the way to work today and the first person I thought of was Myke. I knew he was a big fan and early in our relationship he sent me a copy of Francis M's "Pen and Ink."

Whenever I hear of someone dying, I can't help but fall quiet and wonder about the people they leave behind. From what I saw in the media, Francis had a beautiful family -- eight wonderful children and his absolute soul-mate in his wife Pia. I hope they're finding strength in the love they have for each other during this difficult time.

I also can't help but deeply admire Pia for standing by her man throughout everything. She shared his interests, his passions; and with him she carried his burdens. Yet she was also always her own person.

That's a woman I will respect for all time.

What she must be going through right now, I can't even begin to imagine. Her husband touched the lives of so many people. When I interviewed Francis more than ten years ago, I felt like I was talking to a college buddy who spoke gamely about his childhood kapilyuhan rather than the big celebrity that he was. He was open, and warm, and really, really funny.

Francis was one of the good guys and, ironically, there now hardly seems to be enough words for how much he will be missed.

Pia and Francis' image swiped from google images/

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