Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happ New Year

Happy New Years guys!

So here I am again, blogging. A busy last quarter for me last year and this I think would be a new and better beginning for me this year.
Mike Ignacio and I did come up with Boy Ipis/Claw #1 back to back (Flip-up)issue of Claw (Turf War story) which is edited by my future wife and co-author now of this blog Christine "Robin" C. Rivero.

So, I am coming up with a new name and banner soon.

Fan arts had started coming in too for Claw. Last to send me was co-Bayan Knight artist/creator Ner Pedrina (I haven't scann the artwork...sorry) and from Juan Paolo Mañanita better known as Wann. Before him was a suprised fan art from Michael David of Kubori Kikiam. Posted them on my DeviantArt.

Mike David

Juan Paolo "Wann" Mañanita

Then there are new tie-up story for Claw. Claw vs Salakay. Claw and Nerp's Sanduguan. And I hope this would push through (but I have written the script already) Mike David's Kubori Kikiam meets Cuttie Claw (designed by Jay Acosta). Well, these are the things I remember for now. I'll update you guys the soonest.

Lito© & TM by Jay Acosta

See you around.

-Myke 2009-


Hazel Manzano said...

subukan nga madrowing si claw... kahit di ako gano kahasa sa mga maskuladong lalaki

Myke said...

Aabanga ng maraming fans ni CLAW ang gawa mo Hazel. Thank you in advance.