Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terry Adams: Dreams solo dvd

A BMX rider will always be a rider by heart.

After high school, I was unfortunate not to go to college. My family wants me to take work instead. And so, I find myself a job as a messenger and janitor (yep, they ask us to do multi-task here in our country...and you "good Investors no need to get us INSURANCE"! Cool gov't and a cool country).

Anyway, after saving enough money and building my first ever BMX bike, I decided to leave that work. And concentrate on riding FLATLAND. A form of BMX riding where one concentrate to invent tricks with their bikes on a ground surface. I have alot of good experience with my bike. Riding also put the word dedication and hard work in my book. With out those you won't last on anything you get into in you lifetime.

BMX pushes me to my limits. I will start riding as early as 6a.m. up to 10a.m. and resumes around 4p.m to 7p.m. and talk about dedication. But in 1995 I have to bid farewell to the sport that guided me to who I am as a person now, to purse my long time dream and that is to study Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Diliman to take up Fine Arts.

2001 Asian X-games invades Manila.
I was then hook up again. For two years I join Xgames, not to win, but to enjoy what the event an give me...the FUN of RIDING again. I hold on to the bike, practising even if the Xgames are long gone. The bike was my twin. My conductor. My emotional and mental conditioner. Until It was stolen back in November of 2006.

After that, I really have no where to go. House, work, house and work. It's been like that since. But after meeting Robin, everything was like returning back to normal. I need to control things and she gave me that, but not explaining to me first the things behind em. And we we're great. She is great. And I forgot about riding because of her...well not for long.

Christmas time, she suprised me with this...


I really couldn't believe that she actually buy this. It was like unimaginable for a girl to understand us guys with our hobbies or passion for sport. But here I am, holding the DVD. Last night (Jan. 13), we both watched it and all we both could say was...woooah! All 45 minutes was like a trip to insaneness and excitement. The fire within me that was defused, suddenly burns again. The DVD was HOT!

Terry Adams: Dreams solo dvd trailer

I was raring to ride but that can wait. And I am very happy with the gift I received from my special someone (Robin, thank you honey...mwah!). To Terry Adams...Bro, you are great! And now you're my inspiration to ride again. Thanks man!...and thanks Honey!

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