Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attorney Michael Gurfinkel

I have heard so much of Atty. Michael Gurfinkel. He or his law firm specialized in U.S. Immigration Services. And, they are the best! And they do give a lot of chances to other people to live that dream. Alot of high profile personalities here in the country who had different problems regarding U.S> Immigration and all, got their services, and got very high positive results. They take their work professionally. I have read some of the the "Success Stories" they post on their site and honestly, my dream of coming and living in the United States had fast deteriorates. I think I am now fast accepting my fate to die here and never had the opportunity to live, work and enjoy life in the U.S..

Oh..Their successful stories really pump me up. The vision of working there as a graphic artist or a comicbook artist was like it's so for real (too easy). But then after reading and reading, I realized..Wow! how could I pay them? Good services nowaday come with good prices. I am just fooling myself here. Honestly, I have relatives that live in the U.S. and some goes back and forth, but, it's not like they would help us nor my family to go there. We're not those kind of families that cares and protect each other and elevate those who are in need of help (I envy some of my classmates in U.P. that their relatives helped them find works there), ok, they do help in some little ways.

On their site says "... Through hard work, determination, and years of experience in immigration, litigation, and negotiation, we have been fortunate to help thousands of people solve their immigration problems, be reunited with their families, and be able to live the "American Dream." Yup! It'll be only in my dreams, to live that "American Dream".

Atty. Michael Gurfinkel and his team are very good and they are the best! Hope to meet him soon. A signed picture with autograph should be enough.

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