Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Writing Responsibly

Every now and then, we all did some things we wish we never said nor ever written. Or if we do write, we just write things what is necessary. Recent days, I was bombarded with hate comments for the post I made here two months ago regarding what I felt for a friend and to his predicament.

The post was just a sentiment here for and on that day alone never to be looked back. I blog for something for a certain event, or what I do feel on that day, good or bad. And again, for that day alone. Heck! I don't even read it a second time to check if my grammars are correct. Most of the time, they are all wrong. (thank you Ma'am Kathy for pointing those errors). I won't be saying too much anymore and put details into it, for it might be read differently once again. My wife is in much pain and in fear. That is why this is also for her, to somehow pacify her.

I just want to say, SORRY to all those people which was affected with what I wrote and how I wrote that piece.

I am sorry to you guys that it came to you that way. Specially the excerpt part, I wrote it as an enlightening part to the sad, bad things that happened to my friend, or our friend. Something which, I though of what would "Claw - Logan or any super hero characters with bad attitude like Lobo" say or how would he say it. And I wrote it down. And I wrote it not in a way to instigate a fight among us. Again, It was all written badly.

I could say sorry and explain to every context that you guys read. But, I know it won't matter. But I am still hoping that with this, something might come up and with this I am hoping that I could be forgiven.

Again, late or not, I would like to ask each and everyone that I offended or made them feel to hate me, that I AM VERY SORRY. AGAIN, FORGIVE ME.

Seeking and maintaining peace is something I always do and not to set anger, hatred or worst fear to anyone or everyone. Now I know what responsible writing means. We learn from our mistakes.

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