Friday, July 25, 2008

Omega Guard

Written: Tim Greenhill
Artworks: Myke Guisinga

My first project. It's been a year and 3months to be exact that we (Tim) first talked. Asking for my services and how much. I never given him a tough figure payment since this will be something very special, I never bother about monetary stuff. I just want to draw and being entrusted by someone with his own work is just to much to ask. So yes, I quickly agreed to draw this book.

A year and three months later, yeah I had manage to do only 5 pages. Tim had some stuff he had to do first and they had their first child. I was very happy for him and his wife and fully understand the situation.

Two days ago, I got an email from Tim and he just sent me the script for this story. And once reading it last night. I started to draw the first page that I read. And I am very very excited that we are now back again.

Thanks Tim for all the trust and patience. We can do this. I know we will.

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Hazel Manzano said...

bro! congrats sa projects mo! naku, lower batch ako sa inyo... hehehe pero si ian sta maria nakaka jamming ko pa yan kasama nila patty at jed

-Hazel Chua