Wednesday, April 02, 2008

KOMIKON 3 (Sorry for the delayed post)

It was the day all comics afficionados are waiting for. Tons or comic book writers, artists and publishers ( and even some big name companies )had gathered to give us the present crop of talents here in our country.

Me, along with my younger brother Matt Renz, had our own booth that we shared it with Mr.Randy Valiente (KOMIKS SA PANINGIN NG MGA TAGAKOMIKS). I happend to give my comicbook "CLAW" it's perfect gift for it's 10th year. Claw (a.k.a. Migs) is a decade old! Along with my other title SY.B.O. (Synthetic Beta Operatives). As to how I planned Claw would be a compilation of the first 4 issues. But due to lack of financial support, I only manage to print issues 1 and 2 on an Ashcann format and placed it on a brown printed enveloped with the title printed on it. I would also liked to thank my very good editor, Ms. Mary Edeza de Leon, for making my english carabao readable. Thank sis...and regard to your partner.

With this I would like to thank those who helped me (few sponsors) print the book. I will be looking for extra sponsor to finish my dream project. So anyone interested to put their advertisements on the pages of my book just email me at Leave your contact number so I could call you back.


Atty. Sigfrid Fortun & Atty Gloria Fortun for their support.
Specail thanks to my dad Bert for the support and to my favorite niece,
Mary Angeli Fae and Uncle Rolando "Rene" Alfaro.
Sir GERRY ALANGUILAN (Thank you for the copy of ELMER 3),
RANDY VALIENTE (thanks, and hope to join you again at the next komikon),
AZRAEL COLLADILA (got the pic of me & my brother at your site),
JON ZAMAR (Bro! Thanks!)
IAN STA. MARIA (thanks for the SKYWORLD copy),
JOHN BECARO...for the pin ups.
ARGEM VINUYA and alot lot more.

I also would like to thank the guys (boss and officemates at my work) at H&D Information Technology, Inc. (Binondo): Sir David, Sir Jhun and the rest of the pips and to all that I had forgotten to put your name here, salamat po and you will always be here in my heart.

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