Friday, December 21, 2007

Hoang Thuy Linh Scandal

This is Hoang Thuy Linh....
A very vibrant and very talented teen superstar out from Vietnam. This 19 year old is a singer actress. Famous for her leading role "Yellowbird" in the Vietnamese Television Show The Yellow Bird's Diary.

Now she is the subject of controversy, humiliation and the people of Vietnam had already judge her. A video sex scandal of her with her ex-boyfriend is now hot on the net. The video spreads out like fire as it reaches the parents of the children once her fans and her home studio.

After a few weeks she gave a public apology on air and her TV show was suddenly cancelled.

I read a mean comment on one of her video at YOUTUBE, apologizing to the people and to her family and friends. So I made a sudden comment as well...

WHY BE TOO JUDGEMENTAL? Let us try to understand her situation.

I feel sorry for her. I've heard what she did and I think the people are so harsh on her. I remembered Jesus said in the bible, "he whoever doesn't sin to man and to God should be the first one to throw stone at her(referring to Magdalen)". Why can't this apply to Us now living?

From what had happened, your country seem all too HOLY and too Judgemental. Instead of helping her move on and begin a new life after the big mistake she done, YOU...of all people should help her overcome this traumatic chapter of her life.

Instead, they buried her more to the point that she may never ever could stand up. ALL OF YOU ARE JUST WORST THAN HER (a friend of mine commented). We just hope that it would happen to all of you who judged her that way.

To Hoang Thuy Linh, forgive yourself & forgive the people who judged you. There would always be a better life for you. God only tested your true faith in him, and I know, he would give you a much better life after this tragedy.LIVE LIFE THUY...LIVE & LOVE LIFE.

To all those who read this, let support THUY. Let us show to her that there are more individual who understands her and felt so sad to what she is going through and wishing and praying for her to have a very normal and much better life after it all calms down. Sad thing is that, her website and the program site were removed.

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Anonymous said...

Forgiveness is a great thing. I do believe it was a mistake for her and her BF to record that video tape in the first place. And the punishment was way too harse in my view. However, I felt that we can not say that their culture is wrong simply because their, the Vietnamese people, cultural standards are different than ours (Western). I believe and hope that in time, her society will forgive and accepts her. As much as I disagree with their ways of thinking, I do respect the differences and therefore can not insult them. I prayers goes out to her and her family.