Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scott Grimes Album search

I am desperately looking for the album of Scott Grimes in the late 80's where the song You Belong To Me & Show Me The Way To Your Heart comes. I have the complete list of the song from his album. I hope anyone could help me. Here are the list:

1. You're the Voice
2. You've Got a Friend
3. Show Me the Way To Your Heart
4. Call On Me
5. What Am I Gonna Say?
6. I Don't Even Mind
7. You Belong to Me
8. Only Love
9. Pressure Down
10. Walkin' On the Water
11. Chance in a Million


Samantha C. Rochester said...

Are you still looking for this album? Because I recently brought it and I have it! I can burn you a copy. Sincerely, Samantha
You can reach me at if you are still interested!

Anonymous said...

i have the LP (album) If you are interested contact me at