Saturday, May 29, 2010

Belated Birthday Video (Warning: Less than Sober Annotation)

Robin can't sleep so she once again takes over. Myke and I have yet to develop the habit of immediately transferring image and video files from our respective phones to the laptop for uploading, hence the delay in sharing this year's Clawie birthday escapade. It was one of our quieter celebrations, and we'll just blame the occasional hiccups on tequila and the sudden bursts of laughter :)

After buying his gift (more on that later, eheh), I lead him to Sakae Sushi at the ground floor of SM North Edsa. I'd eaten at their branch at the Mall of Asia before and found the eat-all-you-can-sushi-on-conveyor-belt a fun test of wills between the diner and the restaurant management. One has to grab all the good tasty stuff before the chef starts churning out endless permutations of fried tokwa skin stuffed with rice balls.

It was Myke's first eat-all-you-can sushi experience and he was at first daunted when I plunked down six saucers of sushi from the get-go. He soon enjoyed munching on raw salmon, cream dory, tuna, and even squid. Before long, he was standing to take things from the conveyor belt himself, keeping an eye on each new offering even as he chewed.

The chef eventually caught on and after a blitzkrieg first half hour, the taro balls started to come out. Myke decided to wait it out another half hour before resigning himself to a final saucer of tamago sushi as his encore. At P399 per person, though, with free miso soup and unlimited hot or cold green tea, Sakae Sushi had a good deal going. We promised ourselves we'd go back... and park ourselves at a table as early as 5 or 6 o' clock in the evening, hehe.

Not having seen a movie together since Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we bought tickets to see Clash of the Titans. Having both grown up though remembering the 1981 movie starring Sir Laurence Olivier and LA Law's Harry Hamlin, we were sorely disappointed. Zeus in frikking armor??? Perseus not marrying Andromeda??? Black Pegasus????? Sacrilege.

I'm not even going into the absence of Hermes, the unnecessary liberties with the story, the everyone-has-to-have-a-moment storytelling...

Hayz. Just about the only highlight was seeing Mike "Boy Ipis" Ignacio and his girlfriend, Ailyn, as we were stepping out of the movie house. We often bump into the couple on the weekends we do our groceries. I swear we're each other's fans :p

Disgruntled and still way too chatty after the movie (well, I was :P), we decided to wind down at Agave at the Sky Garden. There was a nice acoustic band that night that seemed to be made up of kids who were fresh out of college. As soon as he heard them play, though, Clawie let his hair down and menaced them with his aura :p

I had my first strawberry margarita, didn't like it so much, then ordered my first pineapple margarita. First margaritas apparently make me a whole new level of chatty and Clawie spent the latter half of our stay convincing me why it would be unwise to order a third. When the band ended their set, we headed for home as well. In the cab, he had the smile of a young boy looking forward to trying out his new toy.

Which is what he did as soon as we got home. There were a few glitches with the installation though and I recorded the process in a 12-minute video. Those extra last two minutes however have made the video impossible to upload here or on YouTube so I'm afraid we'll never get to show you his Cookie Monster intro to How Not to Install a Wacom Bamboo.

Oh yeah, the Wacom Bamboo was my gift to him this year and in the vid below he happily gives his brand new pen and tablet a test drive. Fair warning: There is evidence of my two first margaritas in the quality of my videography.

Next year should prove to be even more fun. Among other things, I hear Agave offers bottomless margaritas :D

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Anonymous said...

myke is playing with his big black bamboo. i mean PEN! big black pen. damn that. why thinggy so fat? i wish i has one oh well...