Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's Myke's Birthday Tomorrow!!!

And Robin once again briefly takes over: I hate to say it, but Myke won't be donning a feathered mardi gras headpiece this year. He says he's on to me and I can't pull the same stunt as last year. Phooey.

Which isn't to say I don't have something else planned *giggle, giggle* He'll find out soon enough and there may just be a video sequel too, heehee.

For now, though, I'd like to share this excerpt of a meme I made for him last Valentine's. Its gooey entirety can be viewed from my Deviant Art page, but I think this first part pretty much says it all about the man with whom I now share all my dreams :)

We can squabble like nothing else on this planet (suppressed chortle), but in the end we always come back to being each other's best friend, and each other's partner in all things.

We've got a lot planned this year and we hope we can tell all of you about it soon :) There are even a few trips out of town in the works (and Lord knows we both need a vacation), including a return to Samal Island later in the year.

Lookie, I made a slideshow of our Davao trip last year! Not only do I delight in such things, but I've once again downed a tumbler of coffee!

Eheh, thanks for visiting our page and I do hope you can leave Myke a little birthday greeting before you go.

Here's wishing you and your loved ones an awesome long weekend ahead!


Miki said...

Happy birthday tomorrow Myke ! :D

Markus said...

Happy birthday, Myke!... We treasure having you in the team and we're grateful to have such an awesome friend! :)

Anonymous said...

oo nga Happy B-day bukas Boss Myke...! witwiw...!


monsanto said...

Happy Birthday bu... ay teka madaling araw na. Happy Birthday ngayon Myke! :)

Gio Paredes said...

Happy B-Day Myke. April 9 ka rin pala. Mag ka B-Day kayo ng bunso kong anak. :D

jay said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARE! Pasensya na at di ko natapos agad ung Lito story ko, biglang nabusy, at super hectic ng sched. I'll make sure to finish it when i get the time.

Myke and Christine Guisinga said...

@ Miki...Thank you sooo much! :huuuug!:

@Markus... Thanks bro. Very happy to meet you guys! One of the few trusted friends I have.

@ Xtian... Yo! Salamat bro!

Myke and Christine Guisinga said...

@Gilbert...Salamat sa pag-bati, kapwa ko April Boy! Nyehehehhe!

Thanks ulit GM! kung gayon, magka-edad kami ng bunso mong anak? Where is my gift?! Give me my gift!

and lastly,
@JAY...dude, okey lang. No wories. Wag pressurin ang sarili, let it flow. Like how I tell Wobeen most of the time. Hehehe! Thanks bro!