Monday, March 08, 2010

York Uno and Flipbykes FLATMASTER 2K9

Last December, Me and Robin attended the Flipbykes FlatMaster 2K9 which was held at VENETIAL MALL, Park Ave.,Upper McKinley Hill, Forth Bonifacio, Taguig City. We got there before lunch and the event started late afternoon.(York Uno busting his move)

It was Robin's fist time to attend this kind of an event. She is very supportive of the things I like(well...we do that to each other, guess that's one reason why we love each others company - for some of you who still can't believe that we're together and stronger than ever.), Riding BMX-flatland. She saw some of the best rider in Asia and the Philippines has to offer. From our turf they are: Renz Viaje, Denny Varquez and Julian Angelo “Coco” dela Cruz among others, going up against Taslem Raziff a.k.a BOTAK, Fadli Bin Kamal a.k.a PAKTAM and Hezlan of Malaysia. And from Japan, Shintaro Misawa and Asian X-games winner York Uno, who is well known to the BMX flatland circuits around the world.

It was a sight to behold. Rider after rider spins, glide one trick to another faster than anyone could ever imagine. But York is in a different level. He was the man of the hour. The rider every rider wants to see, watch and cheered. He was so amazing! 10 years ago when I first saw him on the pages of BMXPLUS (a magazine in the USA that focus on BMX riding, style and treds), and I said, this guys is really cool. And 10 years after who would know that I will be standing right beside him and having our pictures taken by Robin (thanks honey!) and seeing him ride in person!

We talked just briefly, bout him, and what he thinks bout the event and we talked bout Terry Adams too. :D. He isn't just a cool rider but a great guy as well.
(Me with York Uno-Photo taken by Christine "robin" Rivero)- - ->

I will definitely watch the event again this year and I hope the organizer (Joel Gonzales and Kris Gironella .. nice work you two!) can bring them all back. And I will bring an extra battery for my cell phone camera so I could take more videos. :D

Me and Robin enjoying the event.
She's having fun and amazed by what she was seeing that day.

Flipbykes - FlatMaster 2k9 is sponsored by:
Pulp Magazine, Tribu Outdoor, Business Mirror, David Salon, Royal Elastic, The Edge Radio, and in-cooperation with 100plus, Ares Bikes, Quamen Bikes

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