Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gio Paredes Going International

I guess by now everyone know who this man is. He is a legend, a great comic book artist and a great father...we will miss him...Nyaaah! Joke.

Kidding aside, Gio's hard work with his original creation KALAYAAN comics will be hitting the international market this year. To know more check out his blog GIO PAREDES BLOG

His Website that I designed.

Congrats Parekoy... from me and Robin.

Robin's postscript: There's a reason I call Gio "Kuya" (big brother) -- I look up to the man. In the time I have known him, he has earned my deepest respect and endless admiration because somehow he manages to successfully juggle his creative passions with just about everything else life throws at him.

I keep telling people, here's a man with a full-time day job, a wife and small kids. And yet he manages to release his independent title _without fail_ every four months. He delivers his books to bookstores all over the city and attends every single convention there is. He does this not because there's any profit involved, but because he genuinely loves comics.

He's a man who knows how to dream and knows what it takes to make the dream come true. I adore him to bits for it :) Kuya Gio, you deserve all the success that comes your way; you have in us friends and fans for life. Cheers!!!

Robin's review of his title KALAYAAN #4

All Artworks created by Myke A Guisinga
KALAYAAN is created, © and ™ by Gio Paredes


Gio Paredes said...

Kinilabutan ako sa una mong sentence ah. Parang namatay na ako.. hehehe.

Sana nga ay matuloy ang project na ito. Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

monsanto said...

Gio: di naman parang namatay kung parang mag aabroad.

Gio Paredes said...

Aba, may nadagdag pa pala si Ate Robin.

Many thanks to you Ate Robin for this very heart warming post. Every time I am feeling down, I just read your review of Kalayaan#4 and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

Thanks Wobin.

Myke and Christine Guisinga said...

You're most welcome, Kuya :) I owe you a review of your other books, eheh. Here's to being with you all the way to your 100th issue...and more! ^_^