Saturday, March 07, 2009

McDonalds Commercial

This is not about the international foodchain McDonals why I posted this video. Though I am a big fan of them, because of their yummy cheese burgers (for a burger meal they'd give you one small pack of ketchup and you have to get them at the counter again and again if you need more) and refreshing floats and milkshakes (not all serves them). And a big fan of their pancakes (sad because here at Mcdo near my office, the syrup in "NOT" pour all you can). So, I did stop eating pancakes here, but I still love them and eat there.

Anyway, I post this TV add because I think the video tells it all.That is how hard it is to become the eldest child in a Pinoy family or maybe even around the world. You always have to give way to your younger siblings. Understand them, and be very patient towards them. Most of all, your parents entrusted you that whatever happen, we must protect them all cost. With a country that believes to much with Pro-create, I wonder if they think about what their eldest child is feeling towards it. Anyway, just watch the video. Sometimes, we need to be a little selfish to enjoy something by ourselves.. especially if it is eating a McDonald's burgers.

video linked from "youtube"

Makes me hungry...arrgh! I'd go down to buy some burgers for myself. Bye!

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