Monday, October 29, 2007


There comes a time when you dreamed. Dreamed that someday you can do things your way. You know for yourself that you can do it and pull it off, no matter how big or small that dream is.

I have dreamed of giving my comic book a good start to the public by making it a Graphic Novel. A book in which 4 issues were compiled.

I have dreamed that I could share to my friends, relatives, classmates, town-folks and acquaintance here or outside friendster, my thoughts about my town, different personalities of people and what I hate most, Politics.It's all there, in my book.

I was so excited and optimistic, I ask friends, relatives, classmates, town-folks and acquaintance here or outside friendster some help and honestly, not half, no, just few replied and few helped in different ways. But it's to expensive to print the book and I ask people two months or more ago for some help. But It fell on deaf ears and cold hear. Or maybe, they're not into "COMICBOOK" after all. Or some just wants you to be just where you are, AT THE BOTTOM.

Whatever their reason for not helping at all, is something of a mystery to me until now(well, I'll pretend that I don't really know). But one thing is certain. You people WIN. I won't be a name to most people. I won't be a somebody to young adults and kids that I could have a good impact or a roll model for them to follow and learn something from me.

Yep. I am sad. I am in deep pain. But none the less. I knew now who my real friends, Real relative and real people who do concern or believes in me... I thank you, you know all who you are. And to those who I though would help me, thanks. You've WON!For I am still a nobody.

Take care you all. See you at the COMICON...even without CLAW.


Hazel Chua said...

sorry to hear about this... I'm sure its not only in komikon where you can launch claw.

Jonas Diego said...

Tuloy mo pa rin. Prove them wrong. :D