Saturday, April 21, 2007

JULIA CAMBELL - A Person, More than a Filipino

This undated photo released by the U.S. Embassy shows Julia Campbell 40, from Fairfax, Virginia, a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer who has been missing for nearly a week in a mountain region in northern Philippines, the American Embassy said Saturday, April 14, 2007. Campbell was last seen April 8 in the town of Banaue in the northern Philippines where she planned to hike alone in the hilly area famous for its rice terraces and pine forests. See the site

I Just finished reading the last blog log of Ms. Julia Campbell, and after reading it, I can only say one thing... She is more Filipino than most of us who are born and grew up here.

Alot of us are trying our luck outside to give our families a better and brighter future. But to some foreigners, Philippines is the place to be. How come we don't see it the way they see our country? Is it because we are all too fed up by politics? By the church look at the problems as a test of God to our faith and not to vacate our Christianity? Or plain and simple, we don't have any LOVE anymore for our country?

Honestly, I am one of those poor souls whose contemplating on working abroad. Yes, I am earning fine compared to the Basureros & tinderos (wow! can't imagine myself earning that small amount of money & have to divide it to almost a dozen children).
But still, I want to give more for my family. A decent home, my own car, a good school for the kids and a 3 times a day meal (well put two more for the snacks.).

Ms. Cambell and other foreigners are so much inlove with Philippines because of the warm welcome they always receiving from us Pinoy. The beauty of the Seas, the jungles & forest & scenery's. And I guess, I too for one would be easily attracted to that. And try to convert their money to ours is like a fortune (another topic...soon). They are INLOVE with US. People, to the places & to our culture. We could easily win anybodies heart's and trust to our personality. But we Filipinos, took advantage of those people who is very willing to help us grow and leave the place of poverty. (Honestly it's not the church nor the politicians that would save as from these predicaments that we're into...but our selves. We just need the likes of Ms. Cambell the real way to grow). POLITICS & RELIGIONS SUCKS! BIGTIME (I am a beliver of God & the heavens above...but I am no practitioner of any mankinds self greedy intentions.

We have to grow...
Grow in a sense, as a person. As a well rounded human being. And a person who would really love their country & our very own neighbor. Most of us Filipinos are blinded by greed, selfishness and hatred. We do sometimes need to be told, straight on the face, that we are now a bunch of leeches.

When will we grow up? When do we learn? When will be the time that we would swallow our pride and accept the reality that we (as a country) stinks, BIG TIME!

I hope I had meet Ms. Campbell & her group. I think I could learn something new with them. And I hope & Pray that she is still somewhere out there, alive & well. But if not... Prayers to her and the one she left behind.

Read her blog. Link here.


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i couldnt agree more...kung sino pa ang totoong may malasakit sa kapwa, sila pa ang nawawala. Nakakalungkot..