Thursday, September 14, 2006

My 1st Log

I haven't done some serious writing for myself or my daily doodles since I was in 2nd year high. Funny...It's a totally different writing now. No more love sucking poetry... Silly roses and card and no more stationaries to buy. lol (those were the good old days).

Hope I could write more often as I used to... It's a very busy schedule I am having nowadays. After office...I'll go home, rest for awhile and start doing my freelance work ( & which you can see it all here. And then, there is my comic book on the other side of my room. Waiting for me to start drawing and re-writing it's story line. And there are nights when you have to meet some clients. For submissions or maybe a new job to offer or they'd just want to treat you for a job well done.

Anyway, This is my first, welcome and see you again soon.

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