Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LBM's First Meeting (Sept. 15, 2006)
Sorry If I haven't fully load the whole picture-comic pages and the photos itself. I am a little busy here at the office and I am trying to squeez some time to edit 'em all as fast as posible.
Honestly... We (eventhough Madie & I were a few minitues late..lol) had the best times in years. It was fun and exciting to see some good old friends again. Erwin Evangelista (dang! He gained weight and the guy has a style...swave!), Cryll Ponce (ASTIG! Killer drummer and still has the Ponce sly touch), Raymond Medina ( TANGNA! You're starting to look like your old pops...w/c is cool! Full respect dude),Jay Domingo (hmmm...almost every night we bump to each other), Rodelio "Delio" Salientes (MAN! The guys is a lady killer),and Madie "Max" Dematera ( A friend before...A good friend 'till now).
The Ladies or shaw we say cool mommas... There's Jasmin Fernando (Pretty as ever), Cha Lara-Santos (She hasn't change a bit), Chiqui Mallari-Garcia (Hope we had chat that night...), Hildren Lizan came but I never got the chance to see here..(DANG! I am late). The Look-out is in the hauz, Michelle Cruz! And the ever lovely and still sexy...Winnie Ticlao-Manalo.
Well...I hope that the next LBM Meeting,we could be on time( lol ) and hope that everybody on my YMgroup could come. Anyway, the sencond page would be out tomorrow...Sorry guys. I have alot of things on my desk.

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